Mailing List Instructions

General information

Keep in touch with fellow Davie Area Land Trust members and receive announcements about current projects and events by joining our mailing list. We use this list to communicate ideas, make comments and suggestions, distribute meeting reviews and announcements, and distribute information of interest to the members. Emails sent to the list are received by all subscribers: it's a public forum. If you subscribe, you will receive copies of all mails sent to the list; and any mail you send to the list will be read by all subscribers.

You may have to adjust any spam filters you use. If you have any technical problems or can't send or receive after subscribing, or if you have any questions or need help, email

We do not permit the list to be used for commercial solicitation, offensive comments, or any content that is deemed inappropriate by the list moderators including political discussion that could impact our 501(c)(3) status. Members agree to restrict their communications on this list to politely discussing matters pertaining to the normal activities of the Davie Area Land Trust. The Davie Area Land Trust reserves the right to suspend or remove member's email addresses for any inappropriate use of this email list.

To subscribe to the mailing list:
Navigate to" and follow the instructions. If you have any difficulty or want to be manually subscribed please email
To send email to the mailing list:
Write to The list will not post from non-members.
To unsubscribe from the mailing list:
Navigate to and follow the instructions. If you have any difficulty or want to be manually unsubscribed please email Please make sure you identify the email address you would like unsubscribed.
More Mailing List information:

As of now, this mailing list is a moderated list, which means anyone can request to subscribe, and once subscribed members can send a message to the group. Once moderated, any message sent to the list will be sent to all members.

What is a digest? If you select the digest version of a mailing list, you don't receive the messages as they are posted to the list. Instead, you receive them once a day in "digest" form. On mailing lists with multiple daily posts this is the way to go. However, right now, as we rarely get more than one post a day, we suggest using the regular subscription.

A couple of tips: if you reply to a message, "snip" the earlier posts so that the messages don't get longer and longer. If you use "Out of Office" auto-replies on the account you subscribe with, and you get a message from the list, sender will receive that auto-reply. You should be able to control any auto-responders to ignore list messages. Keep individual threads or discussions 'off-list'- mailing lists don't mean you can't have a private dialog with another list member.

Be sure to add "" to your approved senders.

The Davie Area Land Trust does not spam, and only emails to members who have opted-in by following the instructions at the list administration page, or furnished us with a valid email address by mail, by signing in at a meeting, or otherwise communicated their email address and their desire to receive communications from the Davie Area Land Trust to either a Board or Regular member of the Land Trust.

The physical address associated with this mailing list is 6591 Orange Drive, Davie, Florida, 33314. The phone number is 954-762-6390. Any questions, subscribe or unsubscribe issues, or any requests for help can also be forwarded to