Meeting Agenda

Annual meeting | December 2, 2019
1. Call to order- 6:00pm
2. Roll Call
3. Approval of minutes from October 2019 | Click here for minutes
4. Treasurer's Report
5. Secretary's Report
  • ___Update on LTA status and D&O insurance- preliminary approval but underwriter requested balance sheet, requested from Treasurer
6. Election of Board and Officers
  • ___Current officers up for re-election- John Ladue, Chair; Linda Greck, Vice-Chair; Fred Segal, Treasurer; Michael H. Bartlett, Secretary
  • ___Current Board members: Judy Paul (ex-officio); Ruth Bronisas, renewal; Eduardo Tkacz; Todd Evans; Jacqueline Ladue; Joyce Steward, Honorary Director;
  • ___Nominations and suggestions for new Board members
7. Old Business
  • ___Update on easement fee schedule- document containing communication to date concerning proposed fee schedule emailed to Board, ready to review
  • ___Water Matters and Orange Blossom- outreach and attraction ideas
  • ___501(c)(3) document and paperwork location (February meeting question): Michael has box of documents and has begun scan, review, and upload to Dropbox; discuss
  • ___Ideas for membership increase
8. New Business
9. Time and place for next meeting
10. Comments and Suggestions
11. Adjourn